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Oh Germany!
I'm seriously thinking in doing my Master degree (not yet, I'm still a sophomore) in Germany. I started to learn the language last month and it fascinates me in sense. The prospect of having no tuition fees is a major plus for me. I'm starting one more part-time so let's see if I can actually save a little fortune for my future... haha!

Macau is starting to suffocate me. I guess I need to change sooner or later.

So, is anyone of you living in Germany or studying there (or did) that can give me some highlights or how's life there?

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Oh, you're interested in studying there! Do you already know what you will major for your Master degree?

I lived for a decade there actually, until mid-2011 ^^ Life is alright where I lived (I lived in Frankfurt). I loved how everything was in place, organized and scheduled. Bureaucracy can give you a headache though. Everything goes through papers >< But everything varies depending on where you'll choose to live: big city vs small town, east vs west. And every Bundesland (state? prefecture?) has its own rules ^^

Oh, good luck on learning the language too! The grammar can be a real pain =P

Hey! Thanks for the comment ^^

I'm not sure what to take for Master yet. I mean, I feel like my life right now is a total mess (well, not that much... haha!) and my university is not helping at all. I love writing so I think I'll pursue something in creative writing or editing/publishing ^^

Between Portuguese (my native language) and German, I don't know which grammar is worse... :P

Well depending on the state (Bundesland) you have to pay university fees, so you have to choose carefully where exactly in Germany you want to study.

If you really want to study German look for a university that offers Deutsch als Fremdsprache (German as a non-native language) as an additional study course. It will make studying much easier as well as enabling you with an additional qualification (e.g. teaching German to non-native speakers).

I think I want to go to the North part of Germany. Maybe Hamburg but not sure yet. I still need to check universities and how things are in Germany.

The Deutsch als Fremdsprache is really a good idea. I'll have that in my mind for future references ^^

I am living and working in germany-Hamm (it's near Dortmund) for 2 years now. Food costs are not too high. Flat prices depend on what city you live in. Work or part-time job is also easy to find, if you know the language. I come from Polen. where it was difficult to find a job.

If you have any questions, please fire away.

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