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Oh Germany!
I'm seriously thinking in doing my Master degree (not yet, I'm still a sophomore) in Germany. I started to learn the language last month and it fascinates me in sense. The prospect of having no tuition fees is a major plus for me. I'm starting one more part-time so let's see if I can actually save a little fortune for my future... haha!

Macau is starting to suffocate me. I guess I need to change sooner or later.

So, is anyone of you living in Germany or studying there (or did) that can give me some highlights or how's life there?

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Oh, you're interested in studying there! Do you already know what you will major for your Master degree?

I lived for a decade there actually, until mid-2011 ^^ Life is alright where I lived (I lived in Frankfurt). I loved how everything was in place, organized and scheduled. Bureaucracy can give you a headache though. Everything goes through papers >< But everything varies depending on where you'll choose to live: big city vs small town, east vs west. And every Bundesland (state? prefecture?) has its own rules ^^

Oh, good luck on learning the language too! The grammar can be a real pain =P

Hey! Thanks for the comment ^^

I'm not sure what to take for Master yet. I mean, I feel like my life right now is a total mess (well, not that much... haha!) and my university is not helping at all. I love writing so I think I'll pursue something in creative writing or editing/publishing ^^

Between Portuguese (my native language) and German, I don't know which grammar is worse... :P

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