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Oh Germany!
I'm seriously thinking in doing my Master degree (not yet, I'm still a sophomore) in Germany. I started to learn the language last month and it fascinates me in sense. The prospect of having no tuition fees is a major plus for me. I'm starting one more part-time so let's see if I can actually save a little fortune for my future... haha!

Macau is starting to suffocate me. I guess I need to change sooner or later.

So, is anyone of you living in Germany or studying there (or did) that can give me some highlights or how's life there?

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I am living and working in germany-Hamm (it's near Dortmund) for 2 years now. Food costs are not too high. Flat prices depend on what city you live in. Work or part-time job is also easy to find, if you know the language. I come from Polen. where it was difficult to find a job.

If you have any questions, please fire away.

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